Stefano Bolla

Stefano Bolla

Stefano Bolla was born in Sorengo on 8 June 1946. After completing secondary school and earning his maturité in Lausanne, he attended law school at the University of Bern, where he graduated in 1972. After admission to the cantonal Bar in 1974 and gaining his commission as a (civil law) notary in 1974 he began his professional activity in the law office of his father, Dr. Ferruccio Bolla, ultimately becoming his partner together with Rocco Bonzanigo, in 1982.

While inclined to tackle all areas of law, he showed some predilection for civil and administrative law. The safeguard of individual rights, civil liability and tort issues, defending the interests of the victims of crimes against assets, intellectual property, estate and tangible rights issues, professional and deontological standards, issues pertaining to building construction, planning and cultural asset conservation, as well as problems at the municipal level, are perhaps the subjects Mr. Bolla feels closest to.

From 1984 through 2000 he was a member of the editing committee of Repertorio di giurisprudenza patria, the Ticino law review published uninterruptedly from 1881 to 2000, which was him something like a family heirloom since his great-grandfather Stefano Gabuzzi, grandfather Arnaldo Bolla and father Ferruccio Bolla relayed each other as chief editors. Stefano Bolla has been a member of the Ticino commission for the continuing education of jurists (1988-1995), of the cantonal bar examinations board and in charge of the courses of professional ethics for young jurists at the Banking Studies Center in Vezia (2000-2006), as well as a member of the cantonal board for historic monuments (1992-1996).

Besides the culture of law, Stefano Bolla also has cultural interests in other areas. He presides or has presided foundations pursuing cultural aims, such as the Jacob-Piazza Foundation in Olivone and the Dr. Hans Dietler-Kottmann Foundation in Lugano, both active in the conservation of cultural assets. Nor does he shy away, time permitting, from doing research and publishing short studies and articles whose main import is reading historic and iconographic documents pertaining to Ticino in an antropological light. Such as for instance:

  • Una rivoluzione immaginaria. I fatti ticinesi del 1839 e 1841 ritratti dal vero, Milano 1993.
  • La rappresentazione cartografica del territorio, in Storia della Svizzera italiana dal Cinquecento al Settecento a cura di Raffaello Ceschi, Bellinzona 2000.
  • Il futuro della giustizia popolare in aforismi, in La giustizia popolare a cura di Mario Fransioli, Locarno 2001.
  • Il matto, il Nestore e il veleno giuridico. Diritto penale ticinese e follia nell’altro processo Scazziga (1891-1893), in Un inquieto ricercare. Scritti offerti a Pio Caroni, Bellinzona 2004.
  • L’avvocato con gli stivali. L’immagine popolare dell’avvocato e la fiaba di Charles Perrault, Bellinzona 2008.

A reader of ancient and modern classical texts, Stefano Bolla likes to re-energize himself by taking walks in the mountains and devoting his free time to creative activities.

lic. iur., University of Bern (1972)
Admitted to the Bar in Ticino (1974)
Admitted as a Notary in Ticino (1975)

Main fields of endeavour:

  • civil law, especially with reference to estate and property
  • administrative law
  • intellectual property law
  • international private law
  • protection of and trading in cultural assets
  • banking law

Italian, German, French

With the Firm since 1972, partner since 1982