Filippo Solari

Filippo Solari

Filippo Solari was born in Lugano on 20 August 1955. He earned a literary maturity at the Lugano Lyceum in 1974 and his law degree at the University of Geneva in 1977.

After a  post-graduate course in private international law he became an attorney (1981) and a notary (1982) in the Canton of Ticino. From 1985 to 1990 he was a law clerk in the 1st  and 2nd Public Law Section of the Federal Court (Switzerland’s highest judicial body), the 1st and 2nd Civil Court and the Chamber of Col­lections and Bankruptcy. He then completed one year of training in a London trust company. Upon returning to Lugano, he was active as an attorney and notary and became co-owner of a law firm in 1996. He was also a judge on a Federal Appeals Commission until 2007, when that body was replaced by the creation of the Federal Administra­tive Court. In 2004 he opened his own law offices and in 2009 he joined the law firm of Bolla Bonzanigo & Partners.

Mr. Solari is thoroughly familiar with constitutional and administrative law and litigation. He particularly favors special issues such as territorial planning and envi­ronmental protection. He also moves with ease in the areas of arbitration as well as contract, corporate and real-property law.

He does not downplay the personal satisfaction he de­rives from delving into philosophy and history of law.

Until 2009 he has been a member of the Council of the Bar Association of the Canton of Ticino and is a member of the Examining Commission for Admission to the Bar.

lic. iur. Università di Ginevra (1977)
Admitted to the Bar in Ticino (1981)
Notary in Ticino (1982)

Main fields of endeavour:

  • constitutional law
  • private international law
  • administrative law
  • arbitration
  • intellectual property
  • commercial law

Italian, German, French, English
Partner since 2009.