Angelo Olgiati

Angelo Olgiati

Angelo Olgiati was born in Sorengo (TI) on 10 January 1967. After completing secondary school and junior college in Lugano, where he obtained the literary maturity diploma in 1986, he studied law at the University of Zurich graduating in 1992.

Upon completing his law and notarial clerking (1992-1994) he was admitted to the Bar in the spring of 1995. He then worked in the Registers Office in Lugano and, in 1996, in the offices of the Appeals Section of the Council of State (the first instance in administrative litigation) where he dealt primarily with building construction and land planning issues.

From 1997 to 2001 he was an Acting Judge in the Mendrisio-Nord District Court, which had jurisdiction over civil law litigations (inclusive of contract and business law matters), collections and bankruptcies as well as – back in those days – minor matters under criminal law. At the same time (in 2000) he earned the title of doctor of law with top honors at the University of Zurich with a dissertation on civil-law procedure: Le norme generali per il procedimento civile nel Cantone Ticino, Zürcher Studien zum Verfahrensrecht, Bd. 120.

Since December 2001 he has been associated with the law Firm of Bolla Bonzanigo & Associati.

Mr. Olgiati is a partner in the law Firm since 2009.

On 22 February 2010 he was elected by the Cantonal Parliament (Gran Consiglio) as a substitute Judge at the Court of Appeal of the Canton of Ticino. As a substitute judge he works for the first Civil Chamber and for the Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal.

In 2010 he published a book entitled Il Codice di diritto processuale civile svizzero, concerning the new Swiss Civil Procedure Code, which entered into force on 1 January 2011. He is also co-author of a volume published by the Commission for  the continuous education of legal practitioners (CFPG; he is representative member of the Bar Association of the Canton of Ticino) related to the new code whose contribution concerns new features of the new law.

Mr. Olgiati is an adjunct professor of Swiss Civil Procedure Law at the University of Insubria in Como (Italy) as well as teacher in courses for legal practitioners at the Centre for Banking Studies (Centro di studi bancari) in Lugano-Vezia.

His favourite areas of endeavour are contract law, commercial law and banking law, issues of civil liability and tort, criminal law, civil law in general, arbitration and private international law, as well as administrative law especially in connection with building construction.


lic. iur., University of Zurich (1992)
Admitted to the Bar in Ticino (1995)
dr. iur., University of Zurich (2000)

Main fields of endeavour:

  • contract and commercial law
  • issues surrounding civil liability and torts
  • criminal law
  • arbitration
  • private international law
  • civil law in general
  • administrative law, especially in connection with building construction issues

Italian, German, French, English

With the Firm since 2001, partner since 2009.