The firm

Founded in 1947 by Dr. Ferruccio Bolla (1911-1984), attorney-at-law, the Firm has through the years nurtured and strengthened a reputation for serious and knowledgeable work both at home and abroad.

Most telling for the Firm’s success is the attunement that binds together an eclectic group of attorneys, all of them with excellent academic credentials, who share the values of law and justice and have what it takes to apply their knowledge and experience for the clients’ benefit. The Firm’s philosophy rests not only on professional know-how but also on respect for deontological principles and correctness in business dealings.

The Firm serves a diversified public: local clients, Swiss and foreign corporations, banking institutions, private firms and public agencies, who call on the Firm’s services for particularly complex issues.

Litigation, arbitration, legal advice, mediation and notarial services are the mainstays of the Firm’s activity.


Our Firm hails from a century-old tradition of barristers, notaries, judges, solicitors and attorneys who handed the craft down from father to son, as if it was an inborn family skill. The Bollas of Castro, who had been jurists as far back as the days of the Sforzas and under the old regime, were practicing attorneys in the 19th century in Olivone, at the southern access to the alpine Lucomagno Pass. Luigi (1813-1877) and his son Plinio (1859-1896) were jurists and eminent politicians in the young Canton of Ticino of the 18th century. At the end of the century, as the alpine valleys became less important, the family and the law office moved away from Olivone, down toward the urban centers. Arnaldo (1885-1942) settled in Bellinzona – where he was eventually elected mayor – and there married Augusta, the daughter of Stefano Gabuzzi (1848-1936), another well-known attorney. In Bellinzona it was, too, that the destinies of the Bollas became intertwined with the Bonzanigos.

Out of the encounter between Stefano Gabuzzi, Arnaldo Bolla and Angelo Bonzanigo, a judge at Bellinzona’s District Court, the editorial adventure of the Repertorio di giurisprudenza patria came to life again. This law review founded in 1866, the first of its kind in Ticino, had suspended publication with the death of G.B. Meschini, Esq. (1832-1878), and resumed its activity in 1881 under the impulse of Stefano Gabuzzi, Arnaldo Bolla and Angelo Bonzanigo. Thenceforth the task of editing the law review was carried on by the owners of the Firm and of their partners and associates; they actually managed the unparalleled feat of publishing the review continuously until the year 2000, when the new internet systems of publishing case law that has become commonplace suggested the discontinuance of the paper-bound review. In recognition of the editorial activity at the Repertorio the University of Berne awarded an honorary doctorate to Ferruccio Bolla.

Ferruccio Bolla (1911-1984), doctor iuris at the University of Lausanne who was a direct forerunner of the current partners, did his law articling in the law office of the father, Arnaldo, before being appointed Justice of the Cantonal Court of Appeals (1939-1947). In 1947, after the judicial experience, he founded the law office, which many years later was joined by Rocco Bonzanigo and Stefano Bolla. Out of their effort the current team emerged, which gradually picked up new people who, while casting their eyes toward future development, remain faithful to the teachings of the past.

Since 2009 the law firm was joined by Mr. Filippo Solari, who – among other things – has a particular record of experience in the constitutional and admnistrative jurisdictions of the Confederation.



Acting as arbitrators and taking part in arbitral proceedings as counsel to a party is traditionally one of the main areas of activity of our lawyers.

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Our attorneys assist and represent clients before the state courts at all levels, before arbitration panels and in dealings with administrative authorities.

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Legal advice

Legal advice is provided not only for the benefit of individual clients but also, to a considerable extent, for private institutions and public agencies, in the areas of contract, commercial, banking and administrative law.

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The Firm also offers to clients assistance toward the peaceful settlement of business and civil-law controversies by way of mediation.

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Notorial services

In addition to providing legal advice the Firm’s notarial services arrange to draw up public deeds in business , estate and real property matters.

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